Selected Articles by Mark A. Moore

“Jan Berry and Brian Wilson — The Songwriting Collaborations.” A breakdown of Jan and Brian’s work together. Official Jan Berry Website., 2018.

“Lights, Camera, Los Angeles: Film Locations from Deadman’s Curve.” The 1978 film biography of Jan & Dean starring Richard Hatch and Bruce Davison. Official Jan Berry Website., 2018.

Dumb Angel No. 4: All Summer Long

“Arnie Ginsburg: The Original Dean.” Jan & Arnie. A profile of Jan Berry’s original professional partner in 1958. Official Jan Berry Website., 2018.

“Casual California: A Conversation with Dean Torrence.” Dean discusses Jan & Dean’s public imagery and design aesthetic. Official Jan Berry Website., 2018.

Endless Summer Quarterly

“Jan Berry’s Second Wave: A Conversation with Associate Producer Rob Kuropatwa.” Honoring the 20th Anniversary reissue of Jan’s 1997 solo album. Official Jan Berry Website., 2018.

“Corporate Soul: Jan Berry’s Quest for Business Autonomy in 1966.” An essay complementing the release of Filet of Soul Redux, Jan & Dean’s unreleased project from 1966. Official Jan Berry Website., 2017.

Endless Summer Quarterly

“Mysterious Financier: Dean Torrence and the Kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr.” Official Jan Berry Website., 2010.

“Rainy Days in a Carnival of Sound: The Lost Renaissance of Jan & Dean.” Endless Summer Quarterly Magazine. Vol. 20, No. 3 (Fall 2007). An article on the creative aftermath of Jan Berry’s 1966 automobile accident, chronicling the difficulties surrounding the albums Save For A Rainy Day and Carnival of Sound.

“Information Technology.” In The Encyclopedia of North Carolina, edited by William S. Powell. University of North Carolina Press, 2006. An award-winning single-volume reference to the events, institutions, and cultural forces that have defined the state. Moore also created multiple maps for this study.

“‘A Righteous Trip’: In the Studio with Jan Berry.” Dumb Angel No. 4: All Summer Long. Neptune’s Kingdom Press, 2005. Edited by Brian Chidester and Domenic Priore. An overview of Jan Berry’s studio work for Jan & Dean, 1964-1966.

“Jan Berry 101: A Study in Composition, with Bach, Old Ladies, and Bats.” Endless Summer Quarterly Magazine. Vol. 17, No. 2 (Summer 2004). An analytical study of “Anaheim, Azusa” and “Batman.”

“Bentonville: A Bold and Unexpected Attack.” Hallowed Ground Magazine. Civil War Trust, Washington, D.C., 2003. An overview of the 1865 Carolinas Campaign and the Battle of Bentonville.

The Jan & Dean Record