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The Pied Piper of Woodstock

The Pied Piper of Woodstock: Artie Kornfeld and the Birth of an Iconic Film
By Mark A. Moore
Author of The Jan & Dean Record

I had the fun of serving as an editor on this book for Artie Kornfeld, co-creator of the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair in August 1969, and one of Jan Berry’s Screen Gems songwriting partners .

The story of Woodstock is legendary . . . “3 Days of Peace & Music” during the turbulent height of the Vietnam War . . . but it took some eleventh-hour scrambling to bring everything together.

Three days before the festival—which was destined to become one of the biggest cultural events of the twentieth century—Artie approached Freddy Weintraub, vice president of East Coast production for Warner Bros., at Freddy’s office in the Pan Am Building in Manhattan, New York City. Artie and Freddy were old friends and colleagues. Among other industry connections, Freddy had managed Leon Bibb, an artist that Kornfeld had produced when Artie worked for Mercury Records.

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