Liner Notes

Album Liner Notes by Mark A. Moore

Carnival of Sound  Filet of Soul

Carnival of Sound (with Andrew Sandoval and Domenic Priore). Jan & Dean. The duo’s lost LP from 1968. CD + LP. Cover design by Dean Torrence for Kittyhawk Graphics. Rhino Handmade Records, 2010.

Digital re-issues of Liberty Records catalog, 1962-1966. Jan & Dean. Capitol Records, 2010-2011.

Jan & Dean Meet Batman  Drag City

Encomium In Memoriam: Jan Berry of Jan & Dean. Parkes & Moore with Various Guest Artists: David Marks (Beach Boys); P. F. SloanJill Gibson (Jan Berry, The Mamas & the Papas); Vic Diaz (Matadors, Sinners); Mike Deasy (Wrecking Crew); Don Grady (My Three Sons, The Yellow Balloon); Paul Johnson (Bel-Airs); Ken Berry (Studio Instrument Rentals SIR); Stephen Kalinich (Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson); Michael Carey Schneider (Sneaker); Probyn Gregory (Brian Wilson’s Band); Alan BoydBox o’ Clox (Charles Pett); Lisa Mychols (Masticators, Nushu); Robbin Thompson (Steel Mill, Robbin Thompson Band);  Tripsitter (Jeff Celentano, John Celentano, Rusty Peterson, Jared Dalley); Laurie Biagini; and the Woolly Bandits (Christa Collins, Rik Collins, Nathan N. Wilson, Gary Stern, Steve Folta, Billy Berry). Cover art by Jill Gibson. Album design by David Beard. Cinecam Music Productions, 2008.

encomium-in-memoriam_2  A Tribute to Brian Wilson

A Tribute to Brian Wilson. Cameron Michael Parkes. Cover art by Chloe Cumming. Varese Sarabande Records, 2004.

Second Wave. Jan Berry. Memorial Edition of Jan’s 1997 solo album. Rainbo Records, 2004.

Second Wave Memorial Edition