Table of Contents – The Jan & Dean Record


The Jan & Dean Record: A Chronology of Studio Sessions, Live Performances and Chart Positions
By Mark A. Moore


Foreword by Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson co-founded the Beach Boys in 1961. He is a Grammy Award-winning composer and solo artist.


Abbreviations and Definitions

How To Use This Book

PROLOGUE: Rebel Without a Pause

Arnie Ginsburg
Dean Torrence
Jan Berry
Early Days
Elementary School
Junior High School
High School: The Barons of West L.A.
San Francisco
Back to Los Angeles
The Garage Studio and Party Scene

CHAPTER 1. 1958: Barons and Bomps

CHAPTER 2. 1959: Pratfalls and Pandemonium

CHAPTER 3. 1960: Skinny Legs and Ugly Kneecaps

CHAPTER 4. 1961: Heart and Soul

CHAPTER 5. 1962: Still Talking Baby Talk

CHAPTER 6. 1963: Surf, Rods, and Honeys

CHAPTER 7. 1964: Crashes, Skateboards, and One Last Ride with Granny

CHAPTER 8. 1965: Easy Come, Easy Go

CHAPTER 9. 1966: Beginning from an End

CHAPTER 10. 1967: Rainy Days in a Carnival of Sound

CHAPTER 11. 1968: Blowing My Mind

CHAPTER 12. 1969: Hitch a Ride to Hollywood

EPILOGUE: That’s the Way It Is

Mother Earth
First International Surfers’ Stomp—Ten Years Later
Totally Wild
Fun City
That’s the Way It Is
Back Onstage
Deadman’s Curve
Aloha and the Brooklyn Fox Reunion
On Tour with the Beach Boys: Surfin’ Deja Vu
Still No Reunion
Summer of Shove
Separate Paths
One More Time
No Looking Back
Surf’s Up in Communist China
Second Wave
The End

Appendix A: Discography, 1958-1968

Appendix B: “Here We Go”: Original Music Charts and Scores from Jan Berry’s Personal Collection, 1961-1969. Lists the instruments used on individual songs.

Appendix C: Professional Places Associated with Jan Berry and Jan & Dean, 1958-1969

Appendix D: Jan Berry’s Hollywood Haunts


Song Index

General Index

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